Planet Science was originally launched as a Millennium project nurtured by NESTA and previously funded by the Department of Education and Skills; in 2010 it has begun its move to a new environment with a re-launch under the ownership and guidance of Tinopolis Interactive.

Planet Science exists to offer young scientists of school age the inspiration and excitement that will support their study of science at school and beyond. Planet Science is there to support classrooms, curriculum, textbooks and teachers - but not by going over the same ground as they cover. Instead, our mission is to tickle your curiosity, excite your interest, and unleash your passions in science.

You'll find that we may not (yet) cover every single point of science that you are interested in. But we do aim that in everything you do and see on the site, you find the thrills of discovery, working it out, and understanding what makes things tick.

Primary school learners, whose science curriculum is quite broad, have their own section of the site, as do Secondary School students, whose approach is more structured by different science disciplines. Parents and Teachers looking for ideas and inspiration about supporting scientific talent in the young, also have their own section.

All the material on this site is cleared for educational use.