Why wear sunscreen?

Why wear sunscreen?

Investigate sunscreen with this interesting experiment.

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Does sunscreen really work? A perfect experiment for a sunny day.

What you need:

  • Dark-coloured sugar paper (also called construction paper)
  • Sunscreen

How to:

  1. Divide the paper in half.
  2. On one half, use your finger to spread the sunscreen. You can draw a pattern if you like. Leave the other half blank.
  3. On a sunny day, leave the sugar paper in bright sunlight for a few hours.

Have a look at both sides of the paper. What has happened to the half without sunscreen? How is the side with sunscreen different?

What happened:

You should see that the paper with no sunscreen on has faded. The sunscreen has protected the other half of the sugar paper from fading. This shows that sunscreen really works!

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