Tip a glass of water upside down without any spilling out

Tip a glass of water upside down without any spilling out

Amaze your friends - don't get them wet!

What you need:

  • Hanky or thin piece of fabric
  • Glass
  • Water

How to:

1. Place hanky loosely over the top of the glass. Pour the water in the glass through the hanky - you can see the hanky isn't waterproof.

Waterproof hanky 1

2. Take the hanky out of the glass and fill the glass up with water.

3. Stretch the hanky tightly over the glass - don't leave any gaps!

4. Hold on tight to the hanky and turn the glass upside down. What happens to the water?

Waterproof hanky 2

When you turn the glass upside down, the water should stay in the glass. For this to work, make sure you're stretching the hanky very tightly over the glass. I used a pillowcase, which is a little bit harder to hold onto. For the best results, use a piece of material around the same size as a hanky - it's easier to stretch tightly over the glass.

I held my camera underneath the glass and didn't get any water on it!

Waterproof hanky 3

What's going on?

For water to spill out of the glass, something needs to take its place - in this case, air. When you pull the hanky tightly across the glass, you make an airtight seal. No air can get in, so no water can get out.

Try holding the glass over a friend's head - be careful not to drop it! - and see if they believe the water will stay in the glass.