Make a fake fossil

Make a fake fossil

Fool dinosaur experts with your fossils

Do you want to make your own fossils? Have a go at this!

What you need:

  • Tupperware container
  • Modelling clay or Plasticine
  • Shells or plastic toys
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water

How to:

  1. Cover the bottom of your Tupperware container with modelling clay to a depth of around 2 centimetres.
  2. Press a few plastic animals, shells, or whatever else you'd like to fossilise, into the clay.
  3. Remove the objects. This should leave an imprint of the object in the clay.
  4. Mix a quarter of a cup of plaster of Paris with water, until it is quite runny.
  5. Pour the plaster of Paris over the modelling clay to a depth of around 2 centimetres.
  6. Let the plaster dry for 24 hours.
  7. Remove the plaster from the Tupperware and remove any leftover bits of clay.

Now you have your very own fossil! You can paint them to look like real fossils, or make them brightly coloured and glittery.

To find out how real fossils are made, have a look at What makes fossils?

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