Can you freeze a bubble?

Can you freeze a bubble?

When it's cold outside, try this...

What you need:

  • Bubble wand
  • Bubble mix (you can get this from lots of high street shops) OR water mixed with washing up liquid
  • A cold day or night - below minus 5 degrees Celsius

What to do:

If you made your own bubble mix with water and washing up liquid, blow a bubble inside to check that the mixture works.

Wrap up warm and go outside. If it is very cold (below minus 7 degrees Celsius) you can blow bubbles into the air. Otherwise, you can blow bubbles gently so they form on the bubble wand and stay there.

You should see ice crystals forming over the bubble. Watch what it does when it pops.

Check out the Flickr images (shown on the right of this page) courtesy of Ian Russell (

This video shows a bubble freezing.

Or watch in YouTube.

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