Pinhole camera

Pinhole camera

How to make your own camera

Make your own camera.

What you'll need:

  • Pringles tube
  • Metal tape (known as 'ThermaWrap' and available from most DIY stores, or if you're a bit tight for cash, foil and a glue stick can be used)
  • Tracing paper
  • Empty pot noodle (optional)

Follow these steps

  1. Knock a hole in the metal end of the pringles tube. Do this using a large nail and hammer. Open the hole up until it's 1-2 centimetres in diameter. Or you could ask someone in your school's DT department to cut a hole using a large scale hole borer and pillar drill (this will give you a neater hole).
  2. Take a few centimetres of the metal tape and stick it across the hole.
  3. Tape a tracing paper screen over the other end of the tube.
  4. Make a tiny hole using an optical pin or the sharp end of a drawing compass in the foil.
  5. Point the pinhole end at a bright object. Candles are excellent if you have a good black out.

For better results, the length of the tube can be adjusted. For ease of image finding, cut the tube to about 20cms.

A Pot Noodle also has its benefits for this kind of thing too. Make a hole in the bottom end using a heated large nail. Take care when heating the nail on a Bunsen burner. This hole also needs to be about 1-2cms in diameter. And there you have it a Potnoodlescope!

Download the accompanying PDF for questions to answer using your new camera!