• Bang Goes the Theory
    BBC's Bang Goes the Theory has great hands-on activities and experiments, as well as videos and demos and much more.
  • BBC Radio 4 Science and Nature
    A huge range of radio shows covering topics from climate change to computers and everything in between.
  • BBC Science online
    Loads of useful information from the Beeb, with lots of links to all their science websites.
  • Science News for Kids
    The most up to date science news stories, written for you. Great pictures too!
  • The Discovery Channel
    The site covers science, history, environmental subjects, news and adventure. Lots to offer!
  • The Naked Scientists
    Ask the Naked Scientists a question! Based around a radio show, this site is crammed full of science resources including over 60 home experiments, 200 podcasts and 100 science articles, plus much more.
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Q. Why couldn't the Skeleton go skydiving?
A. He didn't' have the guts.