Ever wanted to fly across the universe? Cross the Milky Way? Find out what life is really like on Mars? Now you can, using the links below.

  • Sea and Sky
    Choose to investigate the last two great frontiers – the sea or the sky. Take a trip aboard the Starship Sagan for an exciting voyage through the Universe or join the Seasub Cousteau for a journey to the depths of the sea.
  • Secret Worlds: The Universe Within
    Move through space without leaving your chair! This site allows you to travel across the Milky Way, through space and finally back to Earth, each picture smaller to the power of 10 – interesting for mathematicians too.
What do you know about... Bats?
Batty about all things bat? Try out our quiz and test your knowledge

Are your eyes playing tricks on you?
Try these experiments to find your blind spot and understand the way your eyes work.

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Chemists solve problems

Q: Why are chemists so great at solving problems?


A: Because they have all the solutions.