If you want to know your dingbat from your drongo and how to tell the difference between a zorilla and a gorilla, then here are the websites you need.

  • ARKive
    The ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered species. ARKive is using the best wildlife films and photographs to profile the most endangered species, with the aim of educating, inspiring and encouraging people to conserve the planet’s biodiversity. Explore and search for videos, photos and facts about endangered biodiversity and conservation issues.
  • Canopy in the Clouds
    Zoom through the forest canopy via an interactive video, explore the species that live there and learn how tropical cloud forests can be protected.
  • Biodiversity 911
    Have a blast with biodiversity. Check out the interactive games, quizzes, and other fun stuff that will help you learn more about the variety of life on Earth.
  • BBC Wildlife Finder
    Explore life on Earth and watch thousands of world-class wildlife video clips from BBC programmes.
  • Encyclopedia of Life
    An ambitious project aiming to profile every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet. Can it be done?
  • Flower Delivery
    Information on photosynthesis and the life cycle of flowers. You can also find links to other websites with information about flowers, from science to gardening.
  • Lophelia.org
    With free screen-savers, interactive movies and lots of games, Lophelia.org is a great website. It's supported by Sir David Attenborough and is a comprehensive cold-water coral resource, with information about the deep-sea, cold-water coral ecosystems, biodiversity and key species.
  • Where Rivers Meet the Sea
    Join Valerie and Oscar as they battle to restore their estuary habitat. Where the River Meets the Sea is an interactive game which raises awareness of the importance of estuaries, water quality, tides, marine debris, and what YOU can do to help. It's made by the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • WWF
    Find out about the world's wildlife and how you can help to protect it.
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