Website of the month

Website of the month

What's new on the web this month?

Welcome to our new feature! We know you love to hear about the good science websites out there. Every month, we'll feature some of the best science sites on the web. Here's our first selection:

Athena Web

Athena Web is a free science video channel. Do you want to know more about nanotechnology? Climate change? Evolution? You can find videos about all these topics - and more - on Athena Web. Most of the videos are in English, but those that aren't have an English transcript. All the videos have been quality checked - so you know the science you're getting is good!

Science News for Kids

Science News for Kids has the most up to date science news stories, written for you. The stories cover space, health, wildlife and interviews with scientists. Great pictures too!


XploreHealth is a hands-on site all about the newest breakthroughs in medicine. You can design virtual drugs and bring them to the market. Have your say about the ethical, legal and social implications involved in this process!

These will be added to our Handy Websites. Let us know what you think!

Do you have a favourite website you'd like to share? Email us at and it could feature on the next Website of the Month.