A new view of Earth

A new view of Earth

Ever wondered what Earth was like 750 million years ago?

Now you can see!

A team from the Planetary Habitability Laboratory - what a name! - has created images of the Earth's surface and how it has changed over the last 750 million years.

Take a look at a year in the life of Earth 750 million years ago:

As well as being pretty cool to look at, the images are useful for scientists. The Planetary Habitability Laboratory created the images of Earth to develop better methods of spotting other planets that may have life.

To find out more and see all the images, visit the Planetary Habitability Laboratory website. All the images and videos are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Main image shows Earth 65 million years ago (c) The Planetary Habitability Laboratory @ UPR Arecibo, NASA, Ron Blakey and Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc., and The PaleoMap Project.