Top space apps

Top space apps

Get your phone and look up to the sky

We'd love to fly off to outer space. rocket! We're doing the next best thing and using Earth-bound technology to explore space. Here are our top space apps for the iPhone and Android. Grab a phone and look up to the sky!

Google Sky Map - free - Android

Google Sky Map





Loads of you recommended this one! Google Sky Map turns your Android phone into a window on the night sky. Point your phone skywards to visualise stars, planets and constellations in real time as you scroll across the sky.

NASA apps- mostly free - iPhone and Android

NASA apps

From driving a moon rover to finding out the weather in space, NASA has an app for everyone. With amazing images and facts, you won't get bored of these. My favourite is the general NASA app, which can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

Distant Suns - £6.99 - iPhone

Distant Suns

Fly amongst the stars and glide amongst the plants with Distant Suns. Like Google Sky Map, you can point your phone skywards to find the constellation you're looking for and information about loads of space features you didn't even know existed. It even has a red interface so you can maintain your night vision whilst looking at the screen! It's an expensive app, but it is very comprehensive.

The Invisible Universe - free - Android

Invisible Universe

See the hidden colours of the night sky. You can look through your phone and view the astonishingly beautiful visions of x-rays, UV rays and infrared wavelengths. Not just nice to look at, these invisible rays built our universe and feed black holes. You'll be amazed at what's out there.

Planets - free -  iPhone


Planets can tell you what objects in the night sky are visible from where you're standing. Handy when you've spotted something bright that you need to identify!

F-Sim Space Shuttle - £2.49 - iPhone

F-Sim space shuttle

Fly the Space Shuttle! F-Sim is a realistic flight simulator and your job is to land the Space Shuttle safely back on Earth. Are you up to it?

Sun and Moon - free - Android

Sun and Moon

A simple app that turns your phone into a telescope and watch the lunar phases and solar activity. Sun and Moon uses images from NASA satellites to show you what's happening.

Weather apps - various prices - iPhone and Android


Don't forget to check the weather so you know when the best time is to stargaze! Clear skies and little light pollution will help you see the stars clearly. Some great apps include the Met Office app for iPhone, UK Weather for Android and Tywydd for iPhone.