Winter animal games and videos

Winter animal games and videos

Keep warm inside with these cool games and vids with a wintery theme...

It's chilly outside, but keep warm inside with some winter games! You can play Planet Science's game to find out your winter survival strategy. Will you hibernate, migrate or adapt?

After you've had a go at that, check out these online games and videos. Lots of fun with migration and adaptation!

The Cat in the Hat's Migration Adventure

Cat in the Mat purple martin

Melvin the Purple Martin has migrated! Can you help the Cat in the Hat find Melvin?

Watch the Animal Winter Games with the Smithsonian Institute

Can't wait for the next Winter Olympics? Why not join the Smithsonian Channel's coverage of the Animal Winter Games...

aa animal winter games


Eco Kids Arctic Animals

Eco-Kids Arctic Animals

Want more Arctic adventures? Test your knowledge of the North Pole with Eco Kids Arctic Animals quiz!

The Migration Game

NOAA Whale Migration game

Humpback whales hold the record for the longest mammal migration. Can you get your humpback whale to Hawaii safely?

Migration Station

Smithsonian migration quiz

Can you help Wanda the Wood Thrush travel from her winter home in Costa Rica to her summer home in Maryland?

To find out how animals survive over winter, go to What do animals do in winter?

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