Top wildlife apps

Top wildlife apps

Grab your phone and go wild for wildlife

Survival - free for iPhone and Android

Survival Wildscreen

Race against the clock in a battle for Survival! Tap, drag, scroll, swipe and pinch your way through a series of wild mini-games to earn the title of Top Survivor. Packed full of ARKive's photos of endangered animals, this fun-packed game tests your speed, agility, endurance and intelligence.

Bugs Count - free for iPhone and Android

OPAL Bugs Count

An interactive guide to UK bugs, with interesting facts, ID tips and photos from the Natural History Museum. You can also help scientists with valuable research into our changing environment by looking for the six Species Quest bugs.

Project Noah - free for iPhone and Android

Project Noah

Can you complete Project Noah's field missions? Missions can range from photographing squirrels or mushrooms to tracking migrating birds or invasive species. Missions can contribute to ongoing research projects, or just be for fun. Project Noah also lets you see what plants and animals have been spotted near you and learn more about them. If you need help identifying a plant or animal you've seen, take a picture and upload it to Project Noah. Project Noah's community will ID it for you!

National Geographic - various for iPhone

NatGeo wildlife apps

National Geographic have loads of fantastic nature and wildlife apps, ranging from jigsaws to spot the difference games.

Bees - free for iPhone


Buzz around flower fields collecting pollen for your beehive. Along the way, look for bonuses and presents while avoiding the energy-zapping dragonflies. In the beehive, make organic honey and collect jars to store it in. You can play as the queen bee, a worker or a drone to keep your hive alive.

Chirp! Bird Songs Europe + - £1.99 for iPhone


Learning bird songs can be hard, but not with Chirp! Simply tap the bird photo to flip it over and reveal helpful tips plus a short description of the song. After listening, try the quiz to test your memory. Answer fast to earn a score multiplier and get on the high score table! You can also get a version for USA birds.