Decipher my data! Real data, real science

Decipher my data! Real data, real science

Bad news - it's flu season again! Good news - why not use it as an opportunity to get your school involved in a real science project?

What is "Decipher my data!"?

Decipher my data! was born out of the idea that students benefit from performing real science using real data in the classroom. Students and teachers become scientists working alongside leading researchers on scientific studies to produce better results than either could achieve on their own.

What's involved?

Help epidemiologist Dr Rob Aldridge find if school absence data can detect flu peaks early.

Enter data online, analyse graphs and time trends comparing your data to national school data and national indicators of flu. Then report your findings and contribute to a genuine peer reviewed research paper.

Why take part?

Introduce your students to types of variables, relationships and reliability issues, all using your own real data! Being involved from start to finish, students understand the scientific process first-hand. They contribute to real scientific research and learn how scientists communicate their ideas.


Decipher my data! 2011

Data collected between Sept 2011 and March 2012 (c) Decipher my data!

How do we get involved?

It's FREE to take part! The project is open for secondary schools in England only. Click the link below and follow the instructions to get entering and analysing data from October.

Get started here: