Science and Engineering jobs are the best

Science and Engineering jobs are the best

5 out of top 10 jobs are in science and engineering.

What would be your number 1 job? 5 out of the top 10 jobs are in science and engineering, a new survey has found. No need to tell us, we know these careers are brilliant!

CNN Money carried out a survey into America's best jobs. They say that these jobs offer great pay, opportunities for your career to grow and work that is satisfying.You can find the full survey at CNN Money's website.

There are LOADS of science and engineering jobs in the top 100. So, what is it about these jobs that is so great?

  • Diversity: in a science and engineering job, no day is the same.
  • Job satisfaction: you can see the end product and the difference you make to people or places.
  • Creative and thought-provoking: science and engineering jobs need people to think of new ways to solve problems.

Physical therapist_86535956

Physical therapist is number 4 on CNN Money's top 100 jobs

Does this sound like something you'd enjoy?

Two people, interviewed by CNN, share their thoughts on their top 10 jobs:

Alison Lichy is a physical therapist, a job that ranks at number 4 on CNN Money's top 100. She says: "It's rewarding because I work closely with patients during their recovery, and I get the satisfaction of seeing them return to an active lifestyle. It's also great that you can work in different settings and specialties -- neurological or orthopedic, outpatient or inpatient--and the hours can be flexible."

Environmental engineer ranks at number 5 on the top 100. John Bradburn is an environmental engineer. His job sounds fantastic! He says: "I'm working with Boy Scouts to take the battery cover from the Chevy Volt and turn it into a nest box for waterfowl that nest in trees. That's why I like this job. It allows me to work with people and improve their lives, leaving the world a better place."

You can meet the rest of the people lucky enough to have the top careers on CNN's survey and see why they love their jobs here: "I have the best job in America!"

What do you think? What job would by your number 1? Email and let us know!