What can you do with a career in biology?

What can you do with a career in biology?

Are you thinking about a career in a biology-related field?

A handy guide for aspiring biologists has been created by the Society of Biology. Becoming a Biologist: Degrees and Careers in Biology says it's an exciting time to be a biologist! Biologists are working to solve the biggest challenges currently faced by people and the planet - fighting disease, protecting the environment and feeding our growing population.

Whether you're an indoor or outdoor type, a solo performer or a team player, interested in plants, animals or people, there are options for everyone with an interest in biology.

Have a look at the jobs you can do with a career in biology. The choice is yours!

Where can biology take youThe Society of Biology's guide has hints and tips for how to get into university and the types of degrees you can do. If you don't think university is right for you, the guide also shows you alternative ways to continue studying biology once you leave school.

To download the guide, go to the Society of Biology's website.

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