Chemistry Chaos on the World Wide Web

Chemistry Chaos on the World Wide Web

Get busy with chemistry on the internet

Here are a few of the many websites online which have something to offer Key Stage 3 and 4 chemistry students.

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1. Learn Chemistry

The Rolls Royce of UK chemistry education websites, bought to you by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Learn Chemistry

The website has facts, quizzes and presentations about everything from food science to chemistry in sport.

Check out the video below about how biosensors are used to help athletes to train:

2. Doc Brown: Chemistry Quizzes

Doc Brown's website has loads of quizzes on every subject for KS3 and KS4 - the design of the quizzes is very simple, so they work on even the slowest computers.



3. The Photographic Periodic Table

A great resource to help students to visualise the elements and find all the technical data about each one. (The site does contain lots of links to paid chemistry resources, but is well worth a look).

Photographic Periodic Table


4. Delights of Chemistry - Leeds University

An oldie but a goldie - this site from the Chemistry Department of the University of Leeds has animations, photos and information about 40 different experiments for you to view.  Check out the chemoluminescent rainbow and explosive cryogenically frozen cracker below.


5. American Chemical Society

A while ago we highlighted the American Chemical Society's website full of school resources, and it's well worth a look.  Click here to find out more.

Middle School Chemistry resources

6. Periodic Table:

  • Sheppard Software

A little bit basic in terms of gameplay, but this site covers everything from learning the names of some of the most well known elements to identifying actinoids and rare earth metals...

Periodic Table games


  • WebElements

A really detailed guide to the periodic table and all the elements. The site includes guides to electronegativity, geology, compounds and more for every element in the table.  Everything a KS3 chemist needs!

WebElements Button


6. Planet Science, of course!

We couldn't not mention our own crazy collection of chaotic chemistry resources, experiments and articles - check them out below...