Eye eye! Someone’s watching us...

Eye eye! Someone’s watching us...

A gruesome sight as a giant eyeball washes up on a Florida beach

Imagine going for a quiet walk on an empty beach and then tripping over a massive, disembodied eyeball lying in the sand. Freaky, yes?

Well, that was pretty much what happened when a resident of South Florida, USA was enjoying a stroll and found a large, blue and black eyeball which needed two hands to carry it!

At first, scientists thought the eye might belong to a giant squid. These monsters can grow over 4 metres in length and, according to biologist Heather Bracken-Grissom, giant squid's eyes can be as large as soccer balls and pop out pretty easily... Gross!


Giant Squid

However, scientists now think the eyeball belonged to a swordfish, as that is the best match for structure, colour and size.  There was also some bone around it, and giant squids beaks are made of chitin, not bone.  There were cut marks around the eye and it seems likely that a fisherman took out the eye and dropped it then threw it back into the ocean.


Researchers will now do some genetic tests to make sure that it does belong to a swordfish.  After all, it could have come from some kind of gigantic, undiscovered sea creature that hides out at the bottom of the ocean.

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