Do you have what it takes to join Team WILD?

Do you have what it takes to join Team WILD?

Find out in ARKive's NEW online game!

Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help!

Your mission: to protect and conserve the planet's species and habitats from destruction...

Are you ready for the challenge?

From jungle to savannah, rainforests to coral reefs, help Team WILD monitor, survey and conserve. Discover the work done by scientists to protect the world's species and habitats, from surveying coral reef health in the Chagos Archipelago, to rescuing and evacuating non-infected mountain chickens (a frog) from Montserrat, where populations are being decimated by the deadly chytrid fungus.

Play Team WILD with two science superhero characters for you to choose?

Click on the images below to play!

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Team WILD: Test your speed, skill and determination and see whether you've got what it takes to join this legion of science superheroes…

Choose from four real science missions - and find out more on ARKive with related Team WILD topic pages.



The game and supporting educational content highlights some of the great work being done by scientists and conservationists around the world - like surveying coral reefs to monitor the effects of climate change.

Ctenella coral (Ctenella chagius) -® Alasdair Harris -
Ctenella coral (Ctenella chagius) © Alasdair Harris -

'Team WILD' is a new, fast-paced online game from ARKive. Designed to bring the natural world to young people on the platforms with which they are most familiar, Team WILD is a unique way for you to discover the global importance of choosing a career in science and conservation - showing that scientists are true superheroes!

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