Dr Quantum explains quantum physics

Dr Quantum explains quantum physics

Dr Quantum solves your quantum dilemmas!

Lots of physicists are talking about it, but why?

Professor Orzel, who wrote a book called 'How to Teach Physics to Your Dog', says that "Modern life as we know it would be impossible without an understanding of quantum physics".

Quantum physics is needed pretty much all modern electronics. You wouldn't be able to read this on your computer if it wasn't for quantum physics! Even green technologies, like energy efficient light bulbs, batteries and solar panels need quantum physics to work.

Quantum physics blows my mind! So, who do I turn to? Who can explain how quantum physics works? Dr Quantum, of course! Have a look at this video:

Dr Quantum says that electrons can act both as particles and as waves. Quantum theory says that there is a probability of electrons being in more than one place at the same time. BUT, by watching carrying out an experiment on the electrons, we force them to be in one place.

Wow. Just by observing an electron, I can change its behaviour? That's pretty impressive. Quantum physicists struggle with these mind-problems every day. To find out more about quantum physics, go to One Word Science explains quantum mechanics.