Thank Physics for That!

Thank Physics for That!

What should we thank physics for?

A lot more than you think! Much of our modern technology relies on physics. Take a look at what physics has brought us.

How many cassettes would you need to tape all the songs on a 32GB MP3 player?


500 C60 cassettes would hold all the songs on your 32GB MP3 player. That's enough to fill a large suitcase weighing in at 30kg. You can have 7000 songs in your pocket. Thank physics for that!

How long would it take to download all the information on the internet?


It would take around three million years to download all the information currently on the internet, assuming a download speed of 44 megabits per second. There are an estimated 550 trillion megabytes of data on the web. A world of information at your fingertips. Thank physics for that!

True or False? Lindsay Lohan, polar bears and Halley's comet have all been tracked using GPS.


It's false! Halley's comet cannot be tracked by GPS as it is out of range of the GPS satellites. Besides, getting a GPS tracker onto the comet could prove quite tricky! Lindsay Lohan and polar bears have both been tracked by GPS - though not in the same place at the same time. Pinpoint your location in seconds. Thank physics for that.

Which of these is not possible with a smartphone?


A. Measuring brainwaves
B. Seeing round corners
C. X-ray vision

There is currently no app that can give you x-ray vision - besides, the safety concerns of high intensity radiation would prove a major barrier in making this a reality. Seeing through walls may not be possible but seeing around corners and measuring brainwaves can both be done with a smartphone. 500,000 apps and counting. Thank physics for that!

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