Jem Stansfield

Jem Stansfield

BBC Big Bang's engineer extraordinaire explains why he loves science.

Armed with a degree in aeronautics and a qualification in...erm...welding, Jem set out to build a toffee-powered rocket sled. No, we're not making that up.

For the past decade, Jem has been creating special effects for movies like Lost in Space and Van Helsing. In between working on films, he invented the world's first air-powered motorbike and won a New Scientist prize for boots that walk on water!

Now, he works on BBC's Bang Goes the Theory, making pretty much anything they ask him to. One Word Science filmed him backstage at Bang Goes the Theory LIVE to find out what he loves about science.

In the words of Jem: "Science is a big field and I really believe that there's something for everyone in there". Get exploring and find out which bit you like best!

Thanks to One Word Science.