Happy 1,000,000th image Hubble!

Happy 1,000,000th image Hubble!

A celebration of amazing pictures from space

NASA's Hubble telescope has been up in space for 21 years, revolutionising astronomical research with its spectacular pictures. Hubble orbits the Earth every 97 minutes, moving at about five miles per second. That's quick enough to travel across America in 10 minutes! As it travels, Hubble's mirror captures light from stars, planets and galaxies and directs it into its science instruments.

On July 4th, the Hubble telescope made its one millionth scientific observation during a search for water in a planet's atmosphere 1,000 light-years away. Hubble's one millionth observation was the planet HAT-P-7b, a gas giant larger than Jupiter, orbiting a star hotter than our sun.

Hubble 1000000 image HAT-P-7b (c) NASA; ESA; G. Bacon, STScl

HAT-P-7b, the planet observed by Hubble (c) NASA; ESA; G. Bacon; STScl

To celebrate Hubble's one millionth observation, we've made a scrapbook of the best Hubble pictures from from Hubble Site's gallery. Unfortunately, we've forgotten to label them all. Can you sort them out? Try our quiz and find out!

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