Olympic Torch survives wind, snow and rain

Olympic Torch survives wind, snow and rain

A technological torch

Imagine a torch that has to stay alight for 70 days. It has to stand up to the worst of the British weather - wind, rain and even snow. It has to travel 110 miles every day and stay alight if it is dropped.

That is the Olympic Torch's mission. Can anyone build a torch like this?

Engineers to the rescue!

Designers and engineers worked together to make the Olympic Torch. The engineers are confident that the torch will stay alight for 70 days, even through the worst of the British weather.

To make sure the torch will cope in British weather, engineers tested it at BMW's Energy and Environment Test Center in Munich.

The torch stayed alight in through winds of 50mph, snow and temperatures of -5C. Very impressive!

The Olympic Torch is made out of a special mixture of aluminium. It's a mixture used by engineers who build spacecraft and futuristic cars. The aluminium mixture is very light and very strong.


Launching the Olympic torch

The engineers and designers decided to punch 8,000 holes into the torch to represent the 8,000 torchbearers.

Although they look nice, the holes are useful too. They help to make the torch lighter. The holes also let the heat from the flame out, whcih stops the torchbearers' hands getting too hot.

Holes also make the torch easier for the torchbearers to grip. Hopefully no one will drop it!

The Olympic Torch starts its journey around the UK on 19 May 2012. If you see the Olympic torch, give the a cheer for the engineers who made it happen.

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