Superhero Science: Batman

Superhero Science: Batman

Could you become Batman?

Batman is just an ordinary guy, right? No! Although he doesn't have any superpowers, he is extraordinarily athletic.

Also, Batman is a billionaire. His fortune allows him to buy super smart gadgets and high tech Batsuits.

Strength and agility

You can't just throw money at someone and turn them into Batman. Batman has strength, agility and athleticism, which requires dedication to training.


Becoming Batman needs years of training

Professor Zehr, a neuroscientist, thinks it would take eighteen years of intense training to become as skilled as Batman. Batman can take down an opponent without killing them, which requires skill.

In Zehr's calculations, Batman's has little body fat and very dense bones. Do you have the dedication to become Batman?


Did you know the Batmobile in Christopher Nolan films is real? All of the scenes in The Dark Knight were filmed with real vehicles.

Batmobile (c) Nick Traveller

The Batmobile is real! (c) Nick Traveller

One of the cars was made out of a stripped out NASCAR race car. It can accelerate to 60mph in 5 seconds and reach a top speed of over 100mph.

The Batmobile has a steel frame and specially-designed suspension, which means that it can do 30 foot jumps without crumpling when it lands.

Even the rocket engine is real! One of the cars has propane tanks which ignite and provide thrust, as well as impressive looking flames.

Could Batman fly?

Batman could fly...but he couldn't land! Students at the University of Leicester have published a paper called "Trajectory of a Falling Batman".

Bat symbol (c) Slideshow Bruce

Can Batman fly? (c) Slideshow Bruce

The students said that the wingspan of Batman's special cape would allow him to glide from the top of a tall building. However, his speed would increase so much that he'd be a "bit splattered" on landing.

The students say that Batman needs a much wider cape or a parachute to overcome the laws of physics.

One of the team said: "If Batman wanted to survive the flight, he would definitely need a bigger cape. Or if he preferred to keep his style intact he could opt for using active propulsion, such as jets, to keep himself aloft."

It doesn't look like we'll be flying using a cape any time soon. But a billionaire with a Batmobile and Batman's sports skills? Anything's possible!

Main image (c) Dave Keeshan