New teaching idea - Brunel Badge Boxes

New teaching idea - Brunel Badge Boxes

Borrow a box to learn about Brunel!

Can Brunel Badge Boxes inspire other institutions to create free and interesting educational resources?

SS Great Britain, designed by Brunel and one of the world's most important ships, is quite rightly a very popular visitor attraction. But is this enough? A great day out is important, but it doesn't explore all the learning possibilities that something as exciting as the ss Great Britain can offer. What can the Brunel Institute - the education centre alongside the ss Great Britain - do to ensure more children learn about Brunel's history, legacy and engineering skill?

Brunel Badge Loan Boxes

These boxes are free to borrow from the Brunel Institute at the ss Great Britain, Bristol, and encourage creative learning around several connected themes. The boxes contain exiting and fun activities designed for after school groups and informal education such as holiday clubs and Scouts.

Activities are designed to be completed by children aged 6-12 with adult supervision. The three activities are:

Brunel's Round the World Box
Discover the voyages the ss Great Britain sailed on and the countries she visited, and build a globe to display the routes.

Brunel's Night Sky and Navigation Box
Construct a sextant and discover how to use the stars to find your place on Earth.

Brunel's Blast-off Box
Put your invention skills to the test by designing, making and launching your own paper rockets.

This is an innovative idea and a fantastic way for children to use Brunel and the ss Great Britain to learn about a diversity of topics.

We're really fascinated by these resources - they sound great. Does anyone have experience of a similar scheme? We'd love to hear from you - email