Springwatch as an educational tool

Springwatch as an educational tool

Can the long-running BBC programme be used in schools?

For an avid nature lover, Springwatch is one of the highlights of the BBC's schedule, full of the drama of the natural world. Did you know it can also be a great teaching aid?

Springwatch discusses many topics studied at school, including:

  • Adaptation
  • Habitat
  • Weather
  • Evolution

There are loads of ways to involve your class in Springwatch fever. My favourite idea is watching the Springwatch webcams with your class. What behaviours can you see? How do animals behave differently at morning and afternoon? One way of using the webcams is to get your class to make a hypothesis - for example that buzzards are more active in the morning than the afternoon. Ask them to watch the buzzard webcam and observe what they see. How will they test this hypothesis? What observations will they need to make?

How about holding your own episode of Springwatch at your school. Find an area of your school grounds where you can see wildlife - even pigeons count! - and comment on what you see. Who can be the best Kate Humble or Chris Packham?

Another idea is to turn your class into nature photographers and film makers - maybe they can feature on the Springwatch website!

Does anyone have an experience of using Springwatch in the classroom? What about other television programmes? We'd love to hear from you! Email planetscience@tinopolis.com.