Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools

Bring the UK's best scientists into your school

BBC business editor Robert Peston has launched Speakers for Schools, a new initiative bringing hundred's of the UK's leading figures into comprehensive schools across the country.

Robert Peston devised the scheme after being approached to speak by many private schools, but never by any comprehensive schools. The aim is to "level the playing field" by ensuring that comprehensive schools get access to the UK's foremost figures in fields from business to history. All speakers have agreed to give their time for free.

Speakers for Schools haven't neglected science. There are several STEM experts, all eager to speak at your school. These  experts include:

  • Professor Christopher Bishop, Chief Research Scientist at Microsoft.
  • Professor Melanie Welham, co-director of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Bath
  • Lord Rees, a cosmologist and astrophysicist who proposed that black holes power quasars
  • Dr Lesley Baillie, studying high quality patient care in hospitals

Speakers in Schools sounds like a fantastic initiative, offering encouragement and motivation for students. Make the most of their free expertise! We'd be really interested to speak to teachers who have used this scheme. Please email planetscience@tinopolis.com to share your experiences.

To find out more and apply for a speaker, go to http://www.speakers4schools.org