Microscopes for Schools

Microscopes for Schools

Help using microscopes in schools

Do you want to use microscopes in your school? Does your school have a microscope but you lack confidence in how to use it?

Microscopes for Schools are here to help! Microscopes for Schools is a website to help teachers and parents set up their own activities for children with microscopes.

The website has lots of useful information about different types of microscope and how to use them, alongside an overview of cell biology and how we use microscopes to see cells. The experiments section suggests simple activities for the home or classroom. There are plenty of images and videos to keep your pupils interested.

Go to Microscopes for Schools to find out more and explore microscopy in schools.

If you're in the Cambridgeshire area, scientists from the MRC Laboratory can visit your school to carry out hands-on microscope activities.

Microscopes for Schools

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