Get inspired by the UK Young Scientist of the Year 2013

Get inspired by the UK Young Scientist of the Year 2013

Emily O’Regan has been awarded the title of UK Young Scientist of the Year 2013 for her work studying Chilean flamingos

If you are looking for ways to inspire your science students, look no further than this year's National Science & Engineering Competition winners.

Emily O'Regan was named UK Young Scientist of the Year 2013 at the annual awards ceremony, while fellow winner Fred Turner was made the UK Young Engineer of the Year 2013.

Celebrity judge, Ben Miller, was enthusiatistic about the standard of all of the entrants' work:

"I passionately believe that science and engineering are vital to our future. These outstanding projects by Emily and Fred show just how bright that future is in the UK and I can't wait to see what they do with their highly promising careers. I hope young people everywhere feel inspired to follow in their footsteps."

Emily's work on the endangered Chillean flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis) involved studying the birds' mating and breeding habits. She was working with a captive group, which had stopped breeding seven years ago, and she set about finding out why this had happened.

Young engineer Fred Turner impressed the judges with a home-made PCR machine for testing genes.

These instruments, used to study sections of DNA, can cost up to £3,000.  Fred built one from scratch in his cellar, and his project focused on the challenges and obstacles he faced in order to do so. He explained to the judges that he wanted to do some genetic investigations of his own.  He is interested to see the genetic mutations that mean his mum and brother have ginger hair, whereas he doesn't.


The entries for the National Science + Engineering Competition 2014 are now open.