Free resources from the Wellcome Trust

Free resources from the Wellcome Trust

Find out the science behind energy, exercise and movement

The Wellcome Trust produce a wide range of fantastic free resources for schools. The latest set of resources focuses on exercise, energy and movement. These resources take a look at the biological systems that keep us moving and consider some of the psychological, social and ethical aspects of exercise and sport.

Topics include:

  • Cellular respiration
  • Bone biomechanics
  • Respiraton
  • Muscle movement

The topics are covered through videos, animations and written articles. In The Big Picture, Wellcome's free magazine for biology teachers and students, you can find an interview with Ellie Simmonds, Paralympic swimmer and double gold medallist.

The Wellcome resources are a useful addition to your classroom whether you want to capitalise on an increased interest in sport at your school in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics, or you simply want a new and interesting way to teach these topics. Visit Wellcome Trust Education Resources to find out more and download the resources.