Chemistry in the Olympics

Chemistry in the Olympics

How is chemistry used in Olympic science?

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has launched Chemistry in the Olympics - a website full of exciting chemistry resources for ages 7-18.

The RSC's Education team has developed Chemistry in the Olympics as part of their Learn Chemistry website, where users can access hundreds of free high-quality chemistry resources for teaching and learning.

Chemistry in the Olympics features information and data entry pages for a unique global experiment and lots of resources exploring chemistry in sport.

The global experiment will test the effects of sports drinks on athletic performance. Students of all ages, both in school and at home, are encouraged to take part.


Resources include:

  • Enthalpy of exothermic reactions in Olympic shooting
  • Why chalk is as important as weightlifting as it is in tennis , rock climbing and even fire-fighting
  • How materials chemistry have revolutionised the game of football
  • The chemistry and history behind the Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medals

To find out more, visit the Royal Society of Chemistry - Olympics Resources.

Global schools experiment:

The Chemistry in the Olympics Global Experiment brings together students around the globe in an activity highlighting the role that chemistry plays in sport. The experiment will test the effects of sports drinks on physical activity.
The Global Experiment has been designed to test scientific skills and sporting ability for all ages to participate in.

For more information, visit the Royal Society of Chemistry - Global Experiment.