I'm a Scientist: Get me out of Here! Science Debate Kit

I'm a Scientist: Get me out of Here! Science Debate Kit

‘I’m a Scientist’ is a science education and engagement tool developed by Gallomanor and funded by The Wellcome Trust. The FREE debate kits get scientists and students talking to each other online. Grab one now to join in the debate.

This "I'm a Scientist" Science Debate Kit  features the debate surrounding the legalisation of cannabis: what are the arguments for and against?

The kits contain all you need to run a discussion on the topic - no research required! This contentious topic is one that has been requested by many teachers, so we hope you'll get lots of use out of it.


  • Develop discussion skills
  • See different sides of the argument
  • Learn to back up opinions with evidence

The kits are funded by the Wellcome Trust and developed in consultation with teachers and scientists working in the area.

The science debate kits are designed for KS4 and a large print format is also available. This kit is available online only, due to the costs of printing.

You can download a copy from

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