Using smartphones in the classroom

Using smartphones in the classroom

Smartphone science apps have shared a few of the science-based apps for Android and iPhone which they really like.

There are loads of science apps available that could be used both in and out of school, so this is a shortlist of the most popular. If there are any apps you particularly like, let us know and we'll share them with our readers. Email

Chemistry Helper - Android - Free (ad supported)

Chemistry Helper

A simple app designed as a quick reference for chemistry students. Includes:

  • a periodic table with links to wikipedia
  • a tool to calculate molecular masses of compounds - with a button at the top to perform simple grams/moles calculations, calculate mass percents and do stoichiometry with that compound
  • a table of polyatomic ions
  • constants
  • solubility rules
  • tools for calculating molarity

iGeology - Android and iPhone - Free for non-commercial use


iGeology is for anyone who wants to explore their local geology virtually anywhere in the UK.

Amateur geologists, walkers and gardeners can look at what is in their local area, to find out about the rocks at the surface or the bedrock beneath.

Search using place names or the postcode where you live, then click on the map and reveal the rocks beneath your feet.

Google Sky Map - Android - Free

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map turns your Android phone into a window on the night sky. Point your phone skywards to visualise stars, planets and constellations in real time as you scroll across the sky.

Biochemistry Lab Suite - Android - Free

Biochemistry lab suite

Covering solutions, chemicals, proteins, peptides, metabolites and mass spectrometry. The app aims to help scientists and students working in the field of mass spectrometry based biochemistry, biology and chemistry, but it is also useful in general lab work.

Elements 2.0 - Android - Free

Elements 2.0

A comprehensive periodic table including thermal, physical and atomic properties and everything else you'd expect. A great 21st Century way to keep the periodic table handy.

Starmap - iPhone - fees apply


Similar to the Google Sky Map, this is a sophisticated interactive star-map that its makers call a "portable planetarium". Simply loint to the sky and learn about the stars and planets you can see.

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards - iPhone - Fees apply

Netters Anatomy Flash Cards

Need some help with your anatomy? This comprehensive app lets you test yourself - do you know how the knee bone connects to the thigh bone? You can also download Netter's Neuroscience Flash Cards.

Let us know what you think of smartphones in the classroom. Do you have any favourite apps? Email

Thanks to Preproom for their suggestions on great apps for the classroom.