Using YouTube in the classroom

Using YouTube in the classroom

YouTube videos for your science lessons

Do you ever use YouTube in the classroom? It's a great resource, packed with brilliant videos that can be used in all kinds of creative ways. There's one can take AGES to find the perfect video for your lesson.

Jon Barker from Highams Park Secondary School emailed us to let us know about their YouTube channel. Jon says:

"The idea came from the fact that YouTube is full of great science videos, but it can take a while to find the good, relevant ones. For teachers searching for that perfect video it can take hours (meaning you have a video but not the rest of the lesson...). Various great channels & playlists already exist but nothing was specifically tailored around the courses we teach so it was always a case of sifting through the irrelevant stuff."

Highams Park Science YouTube

The Highams Park Science YouTube channel is a fantastic resource. Whilst the videos all link to the particular courses that Highams Park teach, many of the videos are applicable to all secondary science courses across the UK.

Jon has a plea - as he's a physics teacher, many of the videos on the playlist are physics related. Can you help fill the biology and chemistry sections of the Highams Park playlists and create a resource for everyone to share?

Send in your suggestions for relevant videos to We'll pass them onto Jon and add them to our YouTube channel, creating a helpful resource that can be used by anyone.

Here are three other ideas for YouTube channels to get you started in the new term.


That's right, we've got our own YouTube channel! It's a collection of videos for use in the classroom or for inspiring kids to study STEM subjects. Like Highams Park, we know we're missing lots of brilliant videos. Can you suggest any that we should add? We're aiming to build a great collection of videos for primary and secondary students, as well as their parents and teachers!

Britain's Dream Teachers

Whether you loved it or loathed it, Channel 4's Britain's Dream Teachers did have one positive outcome - their excellent YouTube channel. Britain's Dream Teachers bring inspirational teaching out into the world, by sharing skills and lesson ideas on YouTube. Teachers with a great approach to teaching a tough topic made videos and shared them on the Dream Teachers YouTube channel.  If you're stuck for ideas on how to teach something demanding, have a look at Britain's Dream Teachers and see if there's a video to help you.

There Might Be Giants

I've got a soft spot for science by song and the album "Here Comes Science" by There Might Be Giants is great. Whilst not everything on their YouTube channel is science based, it's a good place to go for an unusual view of science.

Share your favourite YouTube videos with us! Email or tweet @planetscience. We can put together exciting and useful videos for everyone to use!