I'm a Scientist, Decipher My Data!

I'm a Scientist, Decipher My Data!

Your students can take part in real science that saves lives!

Decipher My Data would like to tell you about an exciting new nationwide project to get school students participating in genuine scientific research alongside leading scientists in their lessons. They'll report their findings, peer review other schools and publish their work on the Decipher My Data site for review by the team of scientists leading the project. Throughout the project, the team of scientists will interact with teachers and students on the site. At the end of the project, the work your school has contributed will be credited in a peer-reviewed journal article.

The first piece of research we're doing will be alongside researchers at UCL using school absence data to develop our understanding of the way flu epidemics move through a community and to establish thresholds at which to trigger emergency response and control measures. As well as working on real data, in this experiment your students will genuinely have a chance to save lives.

The project will be formally launched late September / early October.

To register your interest, go to http://data.imascientist.org.uk/flu/ and fill in the form. We'll be in touch!

If you miss the start of the flu experiment, please sign up anyway as we may be able to bring you on board or place you on other experiments as they come on line.