Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet

Fantastic resources about the Earth's icy poles

In 2011 the BBC wildlife team broadcast another stunning production, Frozen Planet, all about the Earth's poles. What's this got to do with schools, you may ask? BBC wildlife footage is fantastic for teaching a whole range of science topics.  You can cover adaptation, evolution, habitats, weather and climate change to name but a few.

Clips from Frozen Planet are still available on the BBC's Wildlife Finder, which, incidentally, is a brilliant resource. If you haven't used it, investigate it now!

What other resources are available to support your teaching of topics covered by Frozen Planet?

Planet Science

What do animals do in winter Over 11s

Firstly, check out Planet Science! We've been feeling wintery lately. Have a look at:

We have several quizzes and articles to support teaching on weather, wildlife and habitats. All our articles are linked to the UK curricula.

Open University

Open University Frozen Planet poster

The Open University has a free Frozen Planet poster which you can download and print for your classroom. Also on the Open University website is an interactive map allowing you and your students to explore the polar regions in detail. With information about polar science, exploration, wildlife and climate change, it's an in-depth resource with lots of potential for the classroom.


ARKive Antarctic

ARKive, an interactive educational resource, has lots of information about Arctic and Antarctic habitats and wildlife on their fantastic website. ARKive's images and videos are free to use in the classroom.

British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

British Antarctic Survey

The British Antarctic Survey provides a brilliant introduction to the realities of living and working in such extreme conditions. Find out what the BAS does, information about weather and climate in Antarctica, wildlife and environmental challenges. BAS also has educational resources covering a variety of topics, for ages 7 to 18.


Discovering Antarctica

Discovering the Arctic and Discovering Antarctica are educational websites produced by the Royal Geographic Society, BAS and the Scottish Association for Marine Science. With a wealth of information and educational resources about the Earth's poles, the websites are a great starting point for a polar lesson.



The education and outreach website from the International Polar Foundation, EducaPoles has a range of resources available freely for teachers. Topics include energy, overfishing, weather and water. Many of the resources are accompanied by easy experiments to carry out in the classroom.

UK Polar Network (UKPN)

UK Polar Network

The UK Polar Network education and outreach team promote polar science and research in schools and organise events which allow students to learn more about life and research in polar regions. UKPN members can visit your school or sixth form college to talk about their work and carry out workshops. If you're interested, contact them at