Mission: Explore

Mission: Explore

An adventure, but not as you know it

Mission: Explore is a new website for children, students, parents and teachers. It challenges you and your students to try new things, by completing missions and exploring the world around you.

Mission: Explore can be used to:

  • Inspire new ways to play, explore and investigate
  • Help learning through geography, art, history, science and other subjects
  • Uncover stories and facts
  • Record, track and share their progress.

Take the middle ground - girl

Organisations including National Geographic and OPAL have uploaded their missions to the website and more are added each week. Missions range from the traditional, such as going on an urban safari, to the bonkers. Discover the most beautiful poo, anyone?

The Geography Collective, creators of Mission: Explore suggest 50 ingenious and creative ways to use Mission: Explore in school. Check the Geography Collective blog for more information.

If you want to make a mission particularly relevant to your students, you can create your own! Missions are as creative as you want them to be. Visit Mission: Explore for more details.