School of Fish

School of Fish

Free fishy resources for your classroom

When I first saw School of Fish, it made me laugh. Then it made me think. Two great things from any teaching resource.

School of Fish was set up as part of Marks and Spencers' Forever Fish campaign, in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society and WWF. It is an interactive online resource, with lesson plans, videos, blogs and games.

I particularly like Fishipedia, which has loads of fishy facts. Want to know which fish is the most poisonous? Which is the most colourful? Which is the ugliest? You can find out on Fishipedia.

Fishipedia School of Fish

Teaching resources for 7-11 year olds

Teachers can download 20 free lesson plans and activity sheets, which cover a wide range of curriculum topics. Science themes covered include:

  • What is a fish?
  • Food chains
  • What's inside a fish finger?
  • How fish are adapted to their environment

Although I wasn't a fan of PE at school, I'm intrigued by School of Fish's fish-based dance lesson plans!