Ask a Biologist UK

Ask a Biologist UK

Find out more about biology by asking the experts

Recently we featured Ask a Biologist, a fantastic website providing activities and information for primary and secondary school students.

It's been brought to our attention that there is another Ask a Biologist website. That's right, there is not one, but two, very useful Ask a Biologist websites.

The UK version of Ask a Biologist is aimed at school students and is devoted to providing the best scientific information available to anyone who is interested in any aspect of biology. If your students want to know more on an area of biology that interests them, tell them to Ask a Biologist!

Everything on Ask a Biologist is written by professional scientists who are experts in their own fields. So if you or your students want to know how organelles move around cells, why bald humans have shiny heads or whether bats could eventually take over from birds,  than Ask a Biologist is the place to go!