Fireworks Fun

Fireworks Fun

Our favourite firework science resources for the classroom

Want to make your class go with a whoosh-bang? Introduce some firework science into the mix!

Make a firework snake!

Students use a chemical reaction to charm a snake from a mound of sand, just like this indoor firework.

Instructions and expansion tasks can be found at Soda Snake Fireworks on the Science Museum website and at Snakes Alive on Snapshot Science website.

Whizz Bang! Outdoor fireworks in the classroom:

Lots of exciting outdoor fireworks are too complicated or dangerous for the classroom. Here's a handy video from Matthew Tosh on TeachFind which demonstrates the chemistry behind the biggest fireworks.

Firework fun:

UPD8's firework fun activity gets pupils to make a firework model to explore how fireworks work and why they burn so fast. You need to register to use UPD8, but it's free.

As always, the National STEM Centre has some great fireworks resources. Take your pick and make your science lesson go with a bang!