Practical science shows for STEM teachers

How can a clown, a juggler, a comedian and a rock guitarist inspire the next generation of scientists?

A brand new, unique, service for science and maths teachers has been launched. SciEnts is a simple, high quality and brand new 'one-stop shop' for teachers looking to book an entertaining science or maths show. There are 15 'troupe members' to choose from, covering various STEM subjects and performance skills, from musicians and magicians to actors and circus acts.


SciEnts offers practical science opportunities that support teachers and complement school STEM enrichment to inspire the next generation of scientists. The site allows teachers to access the very best entertaining presentations for Enhancement and Enrichment opportunities to support science, engineering, technology and maths teaching. An in-school science or maths show supports busy teachers by offering amazing curriculum-linked shows for their students. The site features only experienced, engaging presenters offering professional levels of service. They are all willing to travel UK-wide and all come with an enhanced CRB and adequate public liability insurance. The site allows teachers quickly to select from primary and secondary and also gives guidance for teachers about booking and making their STEM engagement day run well.

Sarah Vining, Director of SciEnts, says, "Bringing a real scientist, engineer or mathematician into the classroom provides a direct link of personal experience between science and maths in the classroom and the world outside. If you want to genuinely engage children or adults with profound and practical science and maths for a reasonable price, you simply can't beat a professional science show".

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