Online games from the Science Museum

In recent weeks government ministers have been promoting greater use of technology in teaching, advocating that games are an effective teaching tool and not simply for fun. Recently, Planet Science profiled five of the best educational online games to use in the classroom.

Now we have another brilliant website for our list. The Science Museum has just launched Futurecade, a suite of four online games.

­Bacto-Lab, Space Junker, Cloud Control and Robo-Lobster ­ engage secondary students with current and future applications of science through gameplay and powerful questions.

Futurecade games are not intended to teach the science, rather to provoke questions so that you can use them generate discussion in your classroom. Use the games as a stimulus to engage your students in a fun, interactive way, and get them thinking about how technology might impact on their future.

Futurecade can support your teaching of How Science Works and help your students consider the applications and implications of science. Visit Futurecade - teacher notes for lesson ideas, top tips for using Futurecade in the classroom, curriculum links and background to the science portrayed in the games.

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