Science on The Simpsons

Science on The Simpsons

Join the famous yellow cartoons in learning about science

Sometimes you hear of a new website and you think to yourself "Why didn't I think of that?!" That's what I thought when I heard about Science on The Simpsons.

Created by Mr Burns (yes, really) at Los Gatos High School, Science on The Simpsons is a collection of clips from The Simpsons which can be used to support science lessons on a surprisingly diverse range of topics. The clips are great to use as a starter, plenary or quick recap. Topics include:

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Science on the Simpsons Second Law of Thermodynamics

Frictionless Floor

Science on the Simpsons Frictionless Floor


Science on the Simpsons Evolution

We've had some feedback that the above links don't work for some people, generally when using Internet Explorer or Chrome. If you're having trouble accessing the above links, try opening the links in Firefox. Alternatively, go to the Science on The Simpsons home page and access the clips from there.

Science on The Simpsons is a work in progress. If you have any clip suggestions for Science on The Simpsons, email Dan Burns - - with a short description, the title of the episode and the season number if possible.