Egg-citing Easter science resources

Egg-citing Easter science resources

Resources and egg-speriments for all your Easter lessons

No more egg puns, I promise! Instead, we've got links to the best Easter science resources on the web. Have a look at these...

Kitchen Pantry Scientist logo

Lemon painted Easter eggs

A creative Easter idea from the Kitchen Pantry Scientist. Use kitchen ingredients to dye hard-boiled eggs. For extra science bonus points, use red cabbage as a pH indicator and mix with mildly acidic or alkaline household substances to make a whole range of colours with which to dye your eggs.


Eggs and chocolate on Planet Science

For egg-based science fun, look no further than Planet Science! We have lots of experiments using eggs. How about making an egg bounce or sucking a hard-boiled egg into a milk bottle? You could also try experimenting with the melting point of chocolate. Or try my favourite chocolate experiment - measuring the speed of light using chocolate and a microwave!

Snapshot Science

Easter egg-speriments

I know I said no more egg puns, but that's the title! Snapshot Science shows you how to make a naked egg and suggests a range of experiments for pupils aged 8-14.

Steve Spangler

Easter science from Steve Spangler

Lots of experiments involving eggs, sweets and chocolate. Sounds delicious!


Easter resources on the National STEM Centre

The National STEM Centre has sent in their favourite Easter resources. Try these:

TES Science

Easter resources on TES

Alessio Bernadelli, the TES Science Subject lead has selected his favourite Easter science resources on TES. Have a look at these: