TES Science Resources

TES Science Resources

What does TES have to offer science teachers?

TES is often the go-to place for science resources, alongside the National STEM Centre - after you've had a good look around Planet Science of course!

Alessio Bernadelli is the new TES Science Subject lead. Every Monday, Alessio highlights the newest and best content on TES for Primary and Secondary science. You can also see featured resource collections, Alessio's video of the week and join in with the collaborative brainstorm.

We asked Alessio what teachers can expect from the TES Science Resource pages.

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Alessio Bernadelli

What does TES Science offer teachers?

TES Science offers advice to teachers on various aspects of science education and is seeking to grow its already vast network of teachers. In particular, TES Science is a great starting point to get to know the best science resources shared by many teachers on the TES website.

We love it when people ask us on Twitter, or via email, to help find great resources for their week, or when they ask us to support them for a job interview, or an inspection observation. We also love to see and promote the resources our members contribute on the site, so if people add a new resource and let us know, we are very happy to do our utmost to shout it out to the world.

TES Science has its own page which gets updated weekly with the newest, topical and most interesting resources, collections, partners, etc... There is also a weekly video that features either some great free tools, examples of learners' work, or some great revision resources.

TES Science is also compiling a growing set of TES Resources Collections to cover both Primary and Secondary Science topics. There is some really inspiring stuff there and you should spend some time to take a look, as that will save you hours of preparation!

Why did you get involved with TES Science?

I wanted to work with TES because they are the largest network of teachers in the world and it is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with so many talented, inspiring and dedicated educators.

What excites me most about TES is its potential for Professional Development. In fact, I believe that every contributor is a little star, as they share their work with over 1.8 million people and that is quite a brave thing to do. But anyone who shares also understands the importance of reflective thinking and they really value the feedback that others leave on their resources!

So, my message is; If you've downloaded TES resources, give something back by sharing yours and by leaving a review on the resources you've used. You will be amazed at how rewarding it is to receive your first comment and to see how many views you get in just few days.

What are your favourite TES Science Resources?

There are too many favourite resources out there to pick, but at the moment my favourite contributors are cressida_bowden and KingHenryVIII School, the latter for the inspiring work they are doing with their learners.

Tell us a science joke!

A Science joke? I am quite rubbish with jokes, so I have to admit I had to look this up, but it is quite nice! A neutron walked into a bar and asked, "How much for a drink?" The bartender replied, "For you, no charge."

You can see Alessio Bernadelli's resources on TES and follow TESScience on Twitter.

Have a look at Planet Science's Resources on TES.

We've uploaded our NSEW quiz so you can use it in Word or PowerPoint format. Stay tuned for more of our resources going on TES soon!