Virtual Experiments

Virtual Experiments

Online physics experiments

Virtual Experiments have been developed at the University of Reading for students at GSCE-level and above.

These virtual experiments are recorded versions of real experiments. They enable students to carry out experiments online.

Most of the experiments have basic interactive prompts to explain the equipment and which buttons to press. Students feel in control of the experiment, choosing different variables and collecting different measurements in whatever order they choose.

Virtual Experiments Photosynthesis

Measuring the Rate of Photosynthesis of Elodea

Some of the videos also have simple scripts and worksheets for teachers, although these will need to be targeted at the appropriate level for your students. The videos are high quality and the instructions are clear. It's a great website for demonstrating and discussing the experiments you are unable to carry out in the classroom.

Topics include reflection, rates of growth and photosynthesis, resistors, Hooke's law and many more.

Get experimenting online! Visit Virtual Experiments to find out more.