Free resources from ABPI

Free resources from ABPI

Interactive science resources online

ABPI, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, have a huge range of free science resources for students aged 5 to 19.

Resources cover physics, biology, chemistry and engineering, amongst other subjects. Example topics include:

Each interactive resource featured on the ABPI website has been vetted by science teachers and industry experts. The topics are directly linked to the school curriculum and all are available free to use.

The resources can be used on classroom electronic whiteboards as teaching tools, or given to students as homework assignments. Many of the quizzes featured in the resources make handy starters or plenaries as quick fire tests of student's knowledge.

The resources on this site are also another avenue to allow your students to explore the various science topics outside of the school environment. Some may be useful sources of information for project work and all can be used to aid revision for tests and exams.

Visit ABPI to view the resources and find out more.