Google in Education

Google in Education

Google tools and programs for the science classroom

In a recent report released by Google, they state their aim to get young students excited about and involved in STEM. They want to "make STEM learning magical for primary and secondary students".

How can Google help me teach STEM subjects?

Google offers several tools and programs useful for both primary and secondary science teachers.

Take a look at Google in Education: Teachers to find out more about the tools available for use in the classroom, professional development and student resources.

The Google Education Report goes into more detail about the hands-on programs and tools open to students from across the world.

Two programs we like are YouTube Space Lab and Google Science Fair. They are innovative ways of bringing students together from across the globe in the celebration of science and technology.

How do other teachers use Google tools in the classroom?

Have you used Google tools or programs in the classroom? Share your ideas on our Google doc!

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